How can I choose the right condom?

Finding the best condom is not as easy as you think. Perhaps that’s why many of people go to collect reviews and tips in order to get the best condom.

– Condoms with thin shapes and textures are not always the best

Tips for Choosing the right condom with condoms that are textured thin and made from rubber is a comfortable condom and safe. Well, according to research from some condom manufacturers, condoms with standard sizes (not too thin or too thick) can provide extra pleasure with extra stimulation.

– Note the size of the condom

In choosing and buying a condom it is important to pay attention to the size not only of length but the width of the condom itself, to provide comfort and safety to you while using the condom and get the sensation of lovemaking favors.

Try some brands of condoms

Today, many condom companies are increasingly creative in condom production to develop its product wings are increasingly known. try using condoms with various brands that are offered in the market, so you and your partner do not feel bored with condoms that you often use. Feel the difference of taste, type and form of a condom to create a sense of pleasure you are with your spouse.

Notice the body’s reaction to the condom used

If you have allergies and skin irritation with condoms made from late you use, choose condoms with non-latex materials or condoms that are not containing a liquid mixture of lubricants or any such thing, if necessary consult with a reproductive physician.

Stay away from condoms containing fluid-lowering sensitivity

There are several condom manufacturers in producing condoms using additional fluids in lubricant / lubricant to condoms or fluid-lowering sensitivities to keep your sexual exposure time longer.Actually, the lubricant dipping on the condom sometimes makes the penis numb and reduce your sexual arousal.