Causes of Potent Stomach in Women, Kudu Waspada

 Every time you wear a shirt, so it’s harder to button it because the bellies are getting bigger? Belly stomach is very disturbing appearance. Even not only that, the distended stomach can also trigger the emergence of a number of other diseases. Before it’s too late, let us identify some common causes of the distended stomach in women. By knowing the cause from the beginning like this, in the future, we can be more cautious again. A sedentary lifestyle is a sedentary lifestyle. Reporting from, a US survey conducted between 1988 and 2010 found that an inactive lifestyle causes significant weight gain in men and women. Even after successfully losing weight, the stomach is still bloated. In order to avoid a distended stomach, it is important to exercise regularly every week. You can also read tips or diet efforts with the best tutorials in reviewsfactor. Eating a low-protein diet can make your stomach bloated over time. According to the study, people who eat foods with high protein levels have a small risk of fat accumulation in the abdomen. Conversely, low-protein foods can actually increase the secretion of “hungry” hormones called Neuropeptide Y.

During menopause, a woman’s stomach can bulge. In the post-menopausal phase, estrogen levels in the body decrease significantly, causing visceral fat to accumulate in the stomach and not on the hips and thighs. The weight gain can be different for every woman. When stress, appetite can increase. When under stress, hormone cortisol levels in the body can increase and cause increased appetite. The negative effect, excess calories instead of channeled throughout the body but instead accumulate in the stomach. Are you an office worker or at least someone who knows close to the office workers? Conscious or not, not a few office workers who easily gain weight. In fact, some office workers are also more susceptible to obesity health problems to heart risk.

Start work at 8 is, break 12 to 1 hour and come home at 4 pm. During work, most office workers will only work in front of a computer screen or at his desk. Because of this habit, the office workers will also lack gesture activities. When the activity of body movement decreases, this will certainly increase the risk of weight gain. Experts say that sitting too long can cause fat accumulation in the body. The accumulation of fat is most strongly occurs in the area of ??the waist and buttocks. No wonder, this causes the risk of obesity or higher obesity.