Fighting Out of the Deadly Maze

The Maze Runner, the story begins from a day that changed Thomas’s future forever. She woke up in the elevator in amnesia, remembering nothing but her own name. As soon as the elevator door opened, 60 boys greeted him. They are the inhabitants of a gigantic maze that has been locked up for years.

The group had to survive by farming, and all the equipment was made by themselves. Every 30 days a new child appears to be a new occupant. Thomas and his new group are trying to find a way out of the labyrinth of deadly creatures. Over the years they have tried, during which time they have failed and despaired. Until one day a comatose girl arrived with a strange note. This girl is the last comer. Thomas felt there was a mysterious memory chain with the girl in her quest to find the true identity, as well as out and free freedom. Can they get out? Watch the excitement of their cause by watching it through