General Internet Usage

In general, the Internet is used to connect with computer networks around the world and as a medium of communication. Internet Usage The Internet has many useful advantages in various fields (business, academic, government, organization, etc.) among others Information obtained faster and cheaper by using various applications including email, NewsGroup, www, FTP, DII. Reduce paper costs and distribution costs, for example, newspapers, magazines, and brochures. As a media campaign, for example, the introduction and ordering of products. Starting today do not choose the wrong internet network. Why? Because only that provides the best internet service for you.

MangoeSky is a solution for residential, cafe, villa, UKM, industrial and corporate in the rural or suburban area which is not reached by ADSL, Fiber, or high-speed cable service. Since 2008, Metrasat has been trusted by thousands of customers to meet customer needs. Some of the phenomenon and advantages of the internet as a medium of information and communication compared with other media, Information obtained more easily, fast and cheap with global reach. This is supported by the fact that to reach users as many as 60 million people.