Should Men Do Spa?

Men and spas may sound quite strange to some people. This is because the Spa is very synonymous with women who need all the care to beautify the body. Actually, the spa is aimed not only for women only, there are many spa treatments that are suitable also for men and one of the benefits is for relaxation after tired work. The spa can also relieve stress in men with various fatigue every day. Spa treatments required by men, in the profession should be supported by prime appearances, such as the field of entertainment, marketing, and public relations. A good performance will certainly make them more trusted clients and business run more smoothly. But often you do not have time to go to the spa and sauna. Because it’s time to buy our advanced equipment from steam shower kits that will help your spa and sauna at home. And with affordable prices and very easy installation.

From sharing massage treatments or massage offered at the spa, Acupressure massage is most often chosen by men. Acupressure is preferred because the massage process is done hard, so it can eliminate aches and accelerate blood circulation. Acupressure is perfect for restoring tired body condition after working all day or after doing sports activities such as fitness. In addition to increasing heart rate between 50 to 75 percent within 20 minutes, sauna bath can also increase the body’s metabolism by 20 percent. Increased heart rate and body metabolism make the body burn more calories up to three hours after the sauna bath. In fact, if the sauna bath is done for a long period of time, can make the burning of body fat up to 300 calories. Sauna bath also makes the muscles of the body to be relaxed, so the muscles will be able to remove the toxin causes sore after a full day of activity. Increased blood flow will help the process of repairing muscle tissue.