Basic Step Training Golden Labrador

It’s hard not to love the golden lab puppies. Except when the animal urinates on the floor or biting your shoes. Training a golden lab from an early age will help shape the bond between you and your dog, helping keep the dog (and keeping your things) safe, and will make both you and your dog happier. There are certain things that all dog owners want to learn – to practice defecation and to train the use of dog chains and basic commands like “sit” and “come”. There are many other habits you can teach your puppy golden lab using the same basic method.

There are different methods for training dogs, but all the most effective methods boil down to three things: reward for the behaviors you love; not rewarding for behaviors you do not like and remain consistent.

– Reward: This step is an easy and fun part. Rewards are not only given when you are actively training them. If your golden lab dog pees outdoors, praise him.

– Not rewarding for negative behavior: This step requires a little more vigilance.

– Be consistent: You and everyone should respond in the same way, whatever your dog does.