Classic games that may be challenging for younger players

The gaming industry is one of the oldest industries around juegos playstation 4. It has been around for decades, and today, we’ve got the mixture of the old and new players joining the fray. However, for the new generation of players who’ve just born in the early 2000 or even later, they may don’t know the tremendous challenges that the old players have felt back in the 90s at the time the PS1 is still the king of all game consoles. There are some games from that console that the new player may find it interesting and be challenging for them to play. Check out Juegos PlayStation 4 to get the games and info about games online.

Shinji Mikami’s games

The early resident evil and dino crisis series might don’t have the stunning HD graphics like today. Nevertheless, these games from the 90s and early 2000 might give them a lot of surprise and the more intense stories compared to many games these days. As long as they can endure the not-so-good controls and graphics, they’ll be able to enjoy these games just fine.

Early RPG games

Final fantasy, Digimon, and Harvestmon series will be very interesting for them to play, while there are also some other PS1 RPG games that might blow their mind by their gameplay and stories instead of graphics.