How to lengthen eyelashes

Having a wide and expressive eye plus beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes were long and tapering is not measurable value for our beauty. Even just by looking at the eyes a bit more we can know whether a person’s feelings are sad or happy. Therefore, it is not the uncommon eye is also known as a liver window. But not all women are born with a form of beautiful eyes and long eyelashes. Then, do eyelashes grow back? If you are a woman who wants to make eyelashes long and tapering so this way lengthen lashes with aloe vera and betel leaves. But for those of you who want an easier way to lengthen eyelashes, you can visit our website and get The Idol Lash, the serum containing olive oil which is believed good for the growth of your eyelashes.

For those of you who want to try a more traditional way, you can use the two ingredients that I mentioned above, aloe vera and betel leaves. Besides useful for treating hair beauty, aloe or aloe vera can also be used to nourish the eyelashes for women with short lashes. The materials you need are three pieces of betel leaves and aloe vera taste mucus. First, the two pieces of crushed betel then mixed with aloe vera mucus. Let stand for a few moments for both of these herbal ingredients mixed evenly. Soak the betel leaf third in a bowl of warm water and set aside.

We recommend that you first clean lashes from the remnants of makeup before performing these beauty treatments. Spread the herb as you apply mascara, the eyes of the shaft up to the end then wait for about two hours. After two hours of clean lashes with betel leaves soaked in the warm water earlier. Perform this method on a regular basis to obtain satisfactory results.