Because whoever knew the depth of a person’s heart?

Someone will probably be seen laughing every day, someone may look fun every time. But did any of us realize that the laughter was hiding the darkness? A creepy scream called for every night. Anxiety, depression, fear that haunts every night. Fear of being left behind, fear of death or fear of being hurt the umpteenth time. Have we ever thought of that? That one person you spoke to that afternoon, on a sunny morning or a windy afternoon is a person who has the intention to end his life for not having a place for a story? You will not be able to stay still, they need more help than you can and bring it to us as angeli will help them ease the mind to end their lives.

What you think is bad, not necessarily bad; which you think is good, not necessarily good. When in the end you are blamed for a departure; accept it. Whatever it is, stand up straight, freeze your tongue; The Guardian Angel said, no need to explain who you are because someone who does not like you, will always find your fault, while those who love you will always be with you without you saying anything.