World Mental Health Day

Based on World Federation of Mental Health (WMFH) data every 40 seconds someone somewhere in the world died from suicide. Even one out of every four adults will experience mental health problems at some point in his life. However, they receive little or no initial psychological support if these mental health problems occur in an emergency. Though generally, most people with physical health problems will soon get first aid at healthcare facilities in an emergency. If you find yourself unable to cope with your mental health, it is time for you to do the best therapy from us by following in the nature traces that will be natural therapy for you with various disorders, either depression, anxiety or trauma. With us, you are free to do consultation and mentoring to complete. Please contact us at the website

Up to now, mental health is often less attention due; 1) public ignorance about the importance of maintaining mental health; 2) lack of public awareness; 3) there is still stigma and discrimination in People With Psychological Problems. As a result, they often do not receive mental health services as needed. Of course, this situation cannot be tolerated because we believe that No Health Without Mental Health or No Health Without Mental Health. In addition, in order to fulfill the right of all people to be able to reach the service of dignified mental health.